Optimise airspace and supporting services in minutes, not hours.

Manage airspace as easily as booking a meeting room.

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Whether teams are co-located, distributed, or fully remote, TAMS® provides an intuitive experience for real-time collaboration. Forward plan weeks in advance down to day of operations. Say goodbye to managing airspace using spreadsheets, endless emails and phone calls – TAMS® makes airspace booking a breeze. 

Forward Plan

Schedule and optimise airspace, assign support services. Flight plan information can be shared from FlightPro to ensure only live mission requirements are shown and visible by the AOC and all ATC unit stakeholders, including controllers.


ADS-B integration and airspace visualisation for day of operations situational awareness. Visual reporting and a comprehensive audit trail allows you to optimise your operations.


Paperless workflows & real-time communication across locations. Streamlined communications across units and support agencies frees up time for aircrew, schedulers and staff to focus on high value tasks.

FlightPRO® Integration

Combine the benefits of FlightPRO® scheduling, currencies and qualifications management with TAMS® airspace and support services scheduling – for situational awareness.

Coordinate multiple airspaces

TAMS® connects all stakeholders for seamless joint operational planning. Collaborative decision making between distributed before progressing to operations, driven from a live database, networked across geographically dispersed locations. 

A single dashboard for the whole team

TAMS® will combine multiple sources of data (like ADSB, Notams, Weather & FlightPRO®). Configure the data and information into a single dashboard.

Improved situational awareness

Real-time collaboration


Airspace deconfliction

Modern visualisation

Enhanced safety & accountability

Trusted by Defence

Australian Air Force

Qatar Armed Forces

Spanish Air Force

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