Visual planning+ scheduling.

TAMS™ (Task and Area Management System) provides an intuitive and visual way to plan and schedule airspace or base areas for safety assurance. Maximise the utilisation of shared assets and environments within congested airspace, base support areas and organisations.

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A common operating picture.

View and book available resources across bases and achieve situational awareness of shared airspace. Identify risks in planning and receive real time conflict alerts and approvals. Publish area or daily notes to disseminate essential information to all groups. TAMS™ connects all stakeholders for seamless joint operational planning. Developed in consultation with industry experts and end users.


Paperless workflow management allows you to realise significant efficiency gains. Facilitate seamless communication across units, organisational groups and/or support services. Disseminate essential information easily to all who need it, bypassing the need for time-consuming meetings and phone calls. Visual reporting and a comprehensive audit trail allow you to analyse and optimise your operations.

TAMS fully integrates with FlightPRO®

Airspace range bookings and deconfliction can be combined with events in FlightPRO®. Users can gain all the benefits of FlightPRO® for scheduling and the benefits of TAMS™ for the situational awareness of airspace without the need to duplicate data. Easily push scheduled events in FlightPRO® across to TAMS™. Any changes will be updated in both systems. Connected systems equate to efficiency gains and seamless operations.

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Secure and Certified

Ocean is certified ISO 9001:2015 and our products are independently security tested. Ocean IT Security utilises the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Our development team utilise the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model and the OWASP Zed attack proxy tool for continuous security testing throughout development.