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FlightPro future state prototype demonstrating advanced flight management capabilities

FlightPro is a product that provides governance, oversight and insight for businesses with complex operational workforce requirements. FlightPro can digitally streamline and automate operation systems to ensure businesses are working to their full potential. FlightPro has helped businesses across the globe gain better transparency, implement effective workforce planning and improve trace-ability of its people and assets.

PILs was developed to give medical and pharmaceutical businesses with increased oversight, governance and control to ensure safe administration of medications for their patients. The product provides medical representatives access to full patient history’s – every script, every member, network wide – allowing for a streamlined approach to planning and decision making that reduces risk of error. 

MEMS – Materials Entitlements Management, is a modern, extensible, web driven system that is owned by the Commonwealth Government of Australia, for use by Australia’s Defence Forces (ADF).

Ocean Software designed, developed, delivered, and sustain MEMS for complete handling of the ADF’s Materials Management requirements.

MEMS was designed to handle mobile or inflight inventory and stock take requirements, just in time stock replenishment, through to the equipment returns processes.