Analytics and Insights

30 years of data-driven training and operations expertise.

Data Visualisation and Reporting

Ocean is designing and developing sophisticated data visualisation capabilities that will allow users to configure key data stories, driving efficiencies by allowing senior leaders to manage by exception. Ocean’s data visualisation design and technology is enabling the leaders of complex organisations to focus their attention on critical issues and provide timely insights to inform critical decisions.

Smart Working and Optimisation

Choose Smart Scheduling to facilitate both short- and long-term planning. Seamlessly compare your alternatives with current schedules in real time, effortlessly contrasting durations, dates and visually compare your schedules to evaluate both simple and complex variations. Effortlessly view and plan your workforce streams, schedule alerts and use effective management tools for airspace tracking.

Take advantage of the data your training and operations systems generate.

laptop with data screen

With the increasing need to do more with less, the data you already generate has the potential to transform your training and operations. Here at Ocean, we can help you assess your organisations’ current levels of data literacy, identify where there are gaps, and upskill your team to ensure you’re using best practice and getting the most out of your systems.

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