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Phuong Le

What appealed to you about the Ocean Graduate Program?

The program appealed to me because it involved many facets of technology such as business analysis, testing, development and project management. It is a very well rounded program which allows graduates experience in all aspects of the company.


What career benefits did you receive in the program?

2. Being my first job out of university, the program quickly introduced to me the working world of technology. I got to be hands on with my tasks, be challenged out of my comfort zone and increase my confidence. I have learned, and continued to learn about technical and soft skills needed for success.


Highlights of the Graduate Program?

3. Many highlights. As a graduate I was most welcomed as a member of the Ocean family. I got to meet my colleagues and worked on exciting and challenging tasks. The culture of Ocean is also very rewarding, inclusive and warm.


How did you find out about the Program?

4. I found out about the program o LinkedIn while job searching and the rest is history!

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