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Blake Szabo

What appealed to you about the Ocean Graduate Program?

The ability to experience the business and workflows from multiple points of views and gain experiences from a large variety of perspectives and people really appealed to me.

This stood out as a great opportunity to diversify my skill sets and further reinforce myself both regarding soft and technical skills at a leading software company.


What career benefits did you receive in the program?

Getting hands on experience in industry from the perspective of multiple people to help develop my skills in a unique way and position me favourably in my career. I’m very confident now in my abilities not only in my area of study but also in understanding the processes and requirements of my fellow co-workers. I’m able to join in on the design sprints and get my creative muscles moving in a different way each time and from a different perspective that I hadn’t been exposed to before.


Highlights of the Graduate Program?

The program allowed me to move freely inside the company and sit in on different meetings or work on different things when I saw opportunities to develop my skills in the industry or gain insight to how things are done by Ocean.

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