Complex operating environments made easy

Ocean is a leading provider of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions that drive operational efficiency, improve safety and deliver significant ROI to customers in 14 countries across the globe.

Our products are designed to maximise operational effectiveness wherever there is a need to coordinate multiple facilities, assets, people and resources in high-risk and complex environments. Our solutions for Defence, Government, and the Private Sector are widely regarded as the gold standard in their respective classes.

From initial design, to development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance and support, our team is dedicated at every stage to helping you achieve your organisations goals.

Developing the future of Decision Support

At Ocean we’re actively developing next generation technologies that enable unprecedented situational awareness across an entire base in real-time.

Our solutions increase interoperability across all base systems and provide optimised scheduling and decision support with our proprietary machine learning and Ai applications.

‘Base of the future’ operating environments benefit from open technology which enables users and managers from all levels to carry-out day-to-day training, while leveraging machine learning to ensure people, resources and operations are optimised.

We partner with our customers to co-create these solutions through our partner innovation program.



We partner with some of the world’s largest OEMs to provide turnkey solutions in highly complex operating environments including; Command and Control, Situational Awareness, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, and eCommerce. WIth this in mind, security and data sovereignty are paramount to us at Ocean.

Ocean IT Security utilises the NIST Cyber Security Framework, we have obtained the UK Cyber Essentials certification and our products are independently security tested. Ocean’s development team utilise the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model and the OWASP Zed attack proxy tool for continuous security testing throughout development.