Unmatched situational awareness and connectivity

The SmartBase® Command platform facilitates interoperability between each respective functional area on a base – fully integrated, collaborative and in real-time and accelerates your ability to collect and organise data. Coming soon from Ocean Software.

  • ATC services, including airfield status
  • Deconfliction and bird control
  • Emergency services (Fire & Rescue, ambulance support)
  • Meteorological services
  • Transient aircraft movements
  • Maintenance support (vehicles, specialist equipment)
  • Logistics Movements (ground handling, loading/unloading)
  • In Flight Catering
  • Explosives Ordnance management
  • Customs & Immigration
  • Airspace coordination (TAMS)

Unmatched situational awareness + connectivity

Organisations are challenged with gaining insights from their data for many reasons. Data silos make it difficult to get a holistic view of all your information. A lack of connectivity and transparency on bases has traditionally resulted in the inefficient use of critical personnel and equipment.

Leverage and visualise your data like never before

With the SmartBase® Command platform, departments across the base use the fit-for-purpose modules designed to improve their scheduling, efficiency, and communications. These SmartBase® modules will communicate all key data to the central dashboard/hub. Via intuitive visual dashboards, command have a single view of the entire base and can make informed decisions in real-time SmartBase® Command is designed to be interoperable with other Ocean products and can even ingest data from other non-Ocean systems.

Configure Modules to suit each team’s specific needs

The SmartBase® Command platform is flexible and configurable, meaning teams only ever use the features they need to get the job done. As the SmartBase® platform continues to grow and evolve, with feature rich modules designed to optimise your people, resources, training, and operations.

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Make better decisions now and for the future

Gain deeper insights by leveraging data analysis and optimise your entire operation. Drill-down capability provides high-level Key Performance Indicators and access to highly configurable and detailed reports at the click of a button. Long range decision support helps you to optimise your overall operations and achieve unprecedented operational readiness.

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Secure and Certified

Ocean is certified ISO 9001:2015 and our products are independently security tested. Ocean IT Security utilises the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Our development team utilise the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model and the OWASP Zed attack proxy tool for continuous security testing throughout development.