Long Range Planning

For users that work in longer time horizons, the Long-Range Planning module allows activities and resources to be planned and visualised many months or years out. Activities can be broken into child activities and then managed by other business units whilst still feeding back to the parent task.

Synchronise off base

Communicate critical personnel and asset information back to your home environment regardless of your connection status. Now databases can be taken away from the home environment and receive and provide updates whilst disconnected for extended periods. Remain fully functional with Sync.


Rostering in FlightPRO® is the next step in workforce planning from pure scheduling of tasks. With an integrated Roster, shifts can be defined and managed to ensure a suitably skilled workforce is available for scheduled tasks without any gaps in skills. This module is most valued in organisations that operate long hours or continuously and need to plan what shifts are allocated to staff.

Learning management

FlightPRO® can integrate with SCORM based LMS and LCMS systems, however, where no preferred LMS/LCMS is specified by the customer we recommend and incorporate the Learninglogics learning management and learning content management system. Learninglogics by Bluedrop, is a system used extensively by many militaries and defence primes around the world.

Joint Operations Tool

The Joint Ops Tool (or Combined Schedule) shows a configurable and filtered display of events across the whole organisation. This may be required for command situational awareness, or to highlight combined activities across several organisation groups. An example would be a Fighter Unit needing Tanker support.


FACT allows individuals to have their scheduled events from within FlightPRO® integrated into their personal Outlook Calendar. This is two-way integration, in that FlightPRO® events show up in Outlook, and Outlook events (meetings, appointments etc.) show up in FlightPRO® to ensure that schedulers know personnel availability.

Course Forward Planner

Optimise the process of course planning. Input your course, resources, any organisational constraints and the ideal graduation date and the system will offer optimised plans. The system does the legwork and empowers users to make the final decision based on the plan they prefer.


We support customers through a range of services designed to ensure your FlightPRO® rollout is successful from the outset. In addition to the support that is included with your purchase of FlightPRO® we provide additional training programs, project management and analytics services that will enable you to get the most out of your data and maximise your people, resources, and operations.

TAMS fully integrates with FlightPRO®.

Airspace range bookings and deconfliction can be combined with events in FlightPRO®.Users can gain all the benefits of FlightPRO for scheduling and the benefits of TAMS™ for the situational awareness of airspace without the need to duplicate data.Easily push scheduled events in FlightPRO across to TAMS™.Any changes will be updated in both systems.Connected systems equate to efficiency gains and seamless operations.