Revolutionising operations in remote environments

Embrace the future of remote operations with FlightPRO® Deploy.

Make informed decisions with the proven safety governance systems of FlightPRO®, ensuring vital information remains accessible and up to date, enabling safe and efficient operations whilst on deployment.

Use Cases

Prior to leaving port, a ship creates a ‘deployment’ in FlightPRO. After a period of interrupted network connection, the ship can use satellite communications or wait until it returns to port to send an update to the home environment.

A deployment is created in FlightPRO for a group of helicopters supporting humanitarian missions in a remote area. On return to the home base, a file transferred via USB is used to update home site FlightPRO databases with the mission information.

Satellite communications can be used to capture the movement of people, aircraft, and group assets throughout the duration of a Deployment.

Key Benefits

FlightPRO® Deploy keeps both home and deployed sites up to date with the latest information, reducing the risk of outdated or incorrect data. It enhances decision-making and operational efficiency for a safe deployment by detecting conflicts, minimising disruptions and delays.

With FlightPRO® Deploy, deployments can be planned more effectively by scheduling tasks and resources. Users can sychronise data periodically with infrequent connectivity.

Synchronise data periodically with infrequent connectivity. 

Whether you are a single aircraft or an aircraft carrier group, FlightPRO® Deploy has the ability to scale, meeting the complex needs of your team.

Create alternative currency rule sets for deployed personnel.

Deployment sites have the capacity to allow users to create alternative currency rule sets. This allows the system to utilise a user’s home rule set if there is no deployed rule set configured or, utilise sets that are specific to operational requirements.

With a user-friendly interface and robust security measures, FlightPRO® Deploy is designed to deliver a seamless user experience while safeguarding sensitive information. Find detailed information about the features, benefits, and technical specifications of this module by clicking the button below.

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