The world’s no.1 aviation operations and training management system.

With FlightPRO® at the center of your training operations you will achieve increased training throughput, simplification of complex scheduling tasks, maximized resources and operational readiness.

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FlightPRO® makes it easier to plan, schedule, execute, communicate, monitor, report and analyse your flight training and operations. Customise FlightPRO® to suit your unique operating environment, connect with other Ocean products and other on-base systems. Read more about our range of modules and services below. With 25 years’ experience serving air forces globally, FlightPRO® is a proven solution with an exciting future.

Planning and Scheduling

  • Real-time ‘live’ data
  • Conflict management, Authorisations
  • Comprehensive training management supporting OEMs, Integrators & Air Training Academies
  • Reporting, analytics, & dash boards providing command level insight
  • Process workflows and resource allocation

Training Management

  • Full curriculum and learning management
  • KPI management
  • Learning content management
  • Student assessment, course planning and write-up & outcome capture
  • LVC training delivery management

Skills, currencies & qualifications

  • Manage tasks, resources, and assets
  • Real-time currency and qualification data into the live planning process
  • Pre and post flight administrations tasks including authorisations, logbooks, & workflow management
  • Command, wing, and unit level administration, controlled by role type and security


Communicate critical personnel and asset information back to your home environment regardless of your connection status. 

Now databases can be taken away from the home environment and receive and provide updates whilst disconnected for extended periods. Remain fully functional with FlightPro® SYNC. 

Plan • Schedule • Execute • Communicate • Monitor • Report • Analyse

Operations & scheduling

Training Management

Long range planning

Report & data analytics

Joint operations management

Air Space Deconfliction

Integration with other systems

What-if scenario planning

FlightPRO® core functionality

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Learn more about core features & functionality of FlightPRO®

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