• Manage training, scheduling, and operations
  • Optimize resources, simplify scheduling
  • Manage qualifications & currencies

FlightPRO® makes it easier to plan, schedule, execute, communicate, monitor, report and analyse your flight training and operations. Customise FlightPRO® to suit your unique operating environment, connect with other Ocean products and other on-base systems. Read more about our range of modules and services below. With 25 years’ experience serving air forces globally, FlightPRO® proven solution with an exciting future.

Planning and Scheduling

  • Real-time ‘live’ data
  • Conflict management, Authorisations
  • Comprehensive training management supporting OEMs, Integrators & Air Training Academies
  • Reporting, analytics, and dash boards providing command level insight
  • Process workflows and resource allocation

Training Management

  • Full curriculum and learning management
  • KPI management
  • Learning content management

Skills, Currencies & Qualifications

  • Manage tasks, resources, and assets
  • Real-time currency and qualification data into the live planning process
  • Pre and post flight administrations tasks including authorisations, logbooks, and workflow management
  • Command, wing, and unit level administration, controlled by role type and security

Training Management that optimises your people + assets

  • Full curriculum and learning management
  • KPI management
  • Learning content management
  • Student assessment, course planning and write-up and outcome capture
  • LVC training delivery management

Learn more about core features + functionality of FlightPRO®

  • Training pipeline management
  • Qualifications and currency management
  • From Recruitment to retirement training
  • Long range planning
  • Data driven decision support

Secure and Certified

Ocean is certified ISO 9001:2015 and our products are independently security tested. Ocean IT Security utilises the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Our development team utilise the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model and the OWASP Zed attack proxy tool for continuous security testing throughout development.