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FlightPro® operations and training management software provides a comprehensive COTS-based system solution to military and commercial aviation.  Trusted by 14 militaries world-wide, FlightPro® not only simplifies complex operating environments, but embodies the very principles of modern, connected and integrated air operations. Developed and continually updated and enhanced over 25 years, FlightPro® leads the field in optimising operational and training output through assured capability and readiness.

FlightPro® Product Brochure

A comprehensive brochure providing a great insight into the capabilities of FlightPro® and how it might assist your organisation.

FlightPro® Data Sheet

Understand key details about the technology and minimum hardware requirements to deploy FlightPro® in your organisation.

FlightPro® Additional Modules

A comprehensive listing of all additional modules and optional custom reporting.


Who is using FlightPro®


Flying SQNs in the Finland Air Force are now seeing the benefits of FlightPro® in improved scheduling and communications, better competency management and streamlined training. The UAV Unit was of course the logical next step. This was not the ‘standard rollout’ that everyone is used to and some inventive thinking was required. However the ability to configure FlightPro® to meet the needs of the user and the business knowledge of Ocean’s Account Managers, meant that what on the surface looked to be a difficult task, in the end was quite achievable.
Jouko Koistinen
Finland Defence Force
The level of insight we have been able to provide through FlightPro® has delighted both BAE senior management and our customer. Reporting, forecasting and planning is streamlined with the required information available at the press of a button.
Stephen Taylor
BAE Systems
With FlightPro® we make far fewer errors. When weather or other events require schedule changes, FlightPro® provides user friendly tools we need to accurately manage the change including communicating to staff, students, maintenance and external stakeholders in real time. FlightPro transition was implemented with zero interruption to flying operations.
Bill Ryan
Allied Wings

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Standard Modules

A key strength of FlightPro is found in its easy to use, graphical scheduling interface. This ensures scheduling, tasking and optimisation of; assets, people, courses, tasks and events are achieved with simple, inter-linked electronic whiteboards. A real-time update engine ensures changes are distributed, and conflicts highlighted, instantly.

All data related to this function becomes easily reported and auditable. It can also be used for future planning and forecasting.

FlightPro® manages the Skills (Currency, Recency and Qualification) data with a powerful user defined rules engine. Administrators can create and manage organisational skills with flexible rulesets to ensure personnel are able to meet required tasking.

Skills can be updated easily by end users as part of the post activity reporting process ensuring the system always holds accurate data. With seamless integration into the Operations Management, and Training management aspects of FlightPro, users can easily find the right person for a Task. The system will also highlight skills conflicts where assigned people are not suitable.

By using the Training Management aspects of FlightPro, organisations can manage and track the career progression of personnel from recruitment to retirement. Training Management Plans (Syllabi) are created and applied to courses allowing a cookie cutter approach to simple standardised Training delivery.

Courses events are easily created and integrated in the Schedule. Post activity data entry is simple and painless. Instructors can assess students with a few clicks of the mouse and can enter word pictures from a list of pre-defined comments if required. Training delivery can be further enhanced with the integration of the optional Learning Management System.

User defined workflows allow an organisation to specify the steps required for required activities. These are then applied and executed in real time, so everyone is able to see the status of required work. The workflow engine in FlightPro can be applied to an extensive list of activities such as Student Assessments or Mission. Examples such as a student failing an event, or the diplomatic approval process highlight how some of our customers use the feature.

Optional Modules

For users that work in longer time horizons, the Long-Range Planning module allows activities and resources to be planned and visualised many months or years out. Activities can be broken into child activities and then managed by other business units whilst still feeding back to the parent task.

As the Long-Range Plans materialise into tangible tasking, they can be sent to the Programming module as scheduled events. Realtime updates and workflow integration means that remote workforces can all work on long range plans collaboratively.

Rostering in FlightPro is the next step in workforce planning from pure scheduling of tasks. With an integrated Roster, shifts can be defined and managed to ensure a suitably skilled workforce is available for scheduled tasks without any gaps in skills. This module is most valued in organisations that operate long hours or continuously, and need to plan what shifts are allocated to staff.

The Joint Ops Tool (or Combined Schedule) shows a configurable and filtered display of events across the whole organisation. This may be required for command situational awareness, or to highlight combined activities across several organisation groups. An example would be a Fighter Unit needing Tanker support.

FACT allows individuals to have their scheduled events from within FlightPro integrated into their personal Outlook Calendar. This is two-way integration, in that FlightPro events show up in Outlook, and Outlook events (meetings, appointments etc.) show up in FlightPro to ensure that schedulers know personnel availability.

Users can view their personal schedules and update their personal availability without logging into FlightPro. In instances where a network environment supports it, a person could do this from a smart phone or tablet.

With the FlightPro API, integration with other systems is possible. Personnel, C2, Asset, and Logistic systems can be integrated allowing single data entry, real time data availability and elimination of duplication errors. Several customers have leveraged this capability embedding FlightPro into a system of systems.

FlightPro® can integrate with SCORM based  LMS and LCMS systems, however, where no preferred  LMS/LCMS is specified by the customer we recommend and incorporate the Learninglogics® learning management and learning content management system. Learninglogics® by Bluedrop, is a system used extensively by many militaries and defence primes around the world.

FlightPro® with Learninglogics® seamlessly integrates your LMS and LCMS requirements, extending  FlightPro’s® functionality  to  ensure  that  all training  related  information is captured and reported end to end.

Using Microsoft database analytic components, Ocean software can offer customers a Custom Reporting service. We know that each customer is unique and will have specific reporting needs. The extensive data captured in FlightPro can be reformed into meaningful information and distributed on demand, or by a defined schedule. Contact an Ocean representative to discuss any reporting needs you may have.


Our products are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.

See the latest features in the FlightPro® Release Notes.


  • The FlightPro® application is built on a mixture of 2-tier and 3-tier architectures.
  • FlightPro® Utilises 3-tier architecture for the web features, consisting of a UI (presentation) layer , services (applications) layer and Database layer (MS SQL server).
  • Enhancements to FlightPro® are developed using Agile methodology, with customer releases occurring every quarter.
  • The services layer of FlightPro® consists of a secure API layer which is utilised for connectivity to external systems, such as, but not limited to Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • As a trusted defence partner, FlightPro® is designed, developed and capable to run on both protected and secret networks.
  • FlightPro® is developed using latest development tools, with quality built in at every phase of the software development lifecycle, from automating code reviews through to automated testing, Issues are captured before they leave the development environment.
  • Ocean IT Security utilises the NIST Cyber Security Framework

  • Ocean has obtained its UK Cyber Essentials certification

  • Ocean is certified ISO 9001:2015

  • Our products are independently security tested

  • Ocean’s development team utilise the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model

  • Ocean uses the OWASP Zed attack proxy tool for continuous security testing throughout development


  • Pre- Install analytics to allow baselining and key focus area determination
  • Post- Install analytics to allow analysis of improvement areas.
  • Aviation operations management consulting
  • Training management operations consulting 
  • System requirements development consulting
  • Deployment and installation services for initial installation
  • Initial setup and customisation 
  • Data transition from external/replaced systems
  • API configuration with external system 
  • Development of new functionality or modules 
  • Test Planning and procedure creation
  • Test Execution management
  • Experienced resources for test execution
  • Development of Custom Reports
  • Development of Custom Dashboards
  • Train the Trainer Training
  • Users Training
  • Administrators Training
  • Technical Training 
  • Deployment and installation Project management
  • Rollout Project Management
  • Upgrade Project management 

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