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New Functionality in FlightPro® R8.5



A new licenced module has been created to allow databases to be taken away from the home environment and using intermittent communication, receive and provide updates whilst disconnected.

This is a significant improvement on both the old course deployments and the SQL Server Replication disconnection Introduced in release 6.70.

This communication method means that the deployment site can have personnel and assets updated as needed during the life of the deployment and can pass other information back and forth during the time that the site is disconnected. This functionality will allow a site to remain disconnected for an extended period and remain fully functional.

Communication is achieved through a change file, change files can be created on-demand and sent by any means as is deemed appropriate for the network security environment. For example, a change file may be sent via secure USB, through email, file share or any other method as is available.

Deployment sites have the capacity to allow users to create alternative currency rulesets for the personnel who are on deployment, this will allow the system to utilise a users home rule set if there is no deployed ruleset configured or, when a ruleset is configured, utilise a more rigorous currency requirement. For example, a user at the home environment may only need to do a pistol shoot once every 12 months whereas on deployment this might be a weekly requirement.

A new deployment conflict type has been created in programming to highlight:

  • Where personnel are deployed and are scheduled during this period on the home system.
  • Where personnel are not deployed but are scheduled on the deployment site.


Example use cases:

  • Shipboard Operations – Allows crews and aircraft to be embarked for periods within the overall cruise and return with updated information to the home environment.
  • Area Operations – Allows deployed networks with intermittent communication with the home environment to have personnel and assets deployed, operations completed and details returned. This will also allow the home units to monitor the currencies and qualifications of personnel who are deployed.


If you are interested in this functionality, contact your account manager.