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FlightPro® Release Notes


FlightPro® R8.5

New Functionality Developed for FlightPro® R8.5:

This release primarily targeted user-focused changes to the Programming interface. The ability to add a Workflow to a Personal Unavailability also gives managers greater oversight of their workforce.

Release 8.5

Expected Qtr 2 of 2020

  • Deployment module: Deploy Personnel and Assets to a FlightPro site for independent, disconnected operations, and periodically synchronise data between the Deployed and Home sites.

FlightPro® R8.4

New Functionality Developed for FlightPro® R8.4:


FlightPro® R8.3

New Functionality Developed for FlightPro® R8.3:

  • Security enhancements: Prevent Cross Site Scripting attacks, upload of malicious file types, and setting to disable override of the login method.
  • View Workflows in Web: See a list of your Workflows on the Summary screen, and view the details of those Workflows.


FlightPro® R8.2

New Functionality Developed for FlightPro® R8.2:

  • Command and Control Integration: Read and update Strips and Waypoints in FlightPro through an external system.
  • FlightPro Web enhancements: Summary Screen – View Knowledge Base items, and customise which sections are displayed on the screen.
  • Knowledge Base: Grant Knowledge Base item access to Personnel Groups.
  • Support for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10.
  • Various performance enhancements.

Weather and Airfield Status Tool

Ocean has developed prototype functionality to better support the distribution of operational information. With the Airfield Status component, critical airfield data such as runways and taxiways in use can be displayed graphically. The Met and NOTAM interface is able to source live Met and NOTAM data from the desired source, and display it in the FlightPro® Status Board.

If you are interested in receiving a demonstration of this functionality or would like to discuss how this might be implemented on your base, please contact us.


Within this module, customers have the ability to raise product development ideas and see them voted on.

This allows end users to have a direct voice in the roadmap in between User Group sessions.

To leave a suggestion, please visit the FlightPro Ideas portal.