Ocean Software and ILIAS Solutions exhibit at the 2023 Avalon Australian International Airshow

Pictured is Ian ‘Gladys’ Knight, an ex-F-35 Test Pilot now driving Business Development for ILIAS Solutions

Maximising the combat effectiveness of the fifth-generation force requires fully integrated operations and logistics efforts to advance aviation asset and resource management to the edge. Ocean and ILIAS have integrated their COTS applications FlightPro® (also known as ULTRA-FP) and the ILIAS® Defense Platform. This partnership between Ocean Software and ILIAS Solutions enables military commanders to OODA using a single trusted picture of both operations and logistics across the air domain.

Why are ILIAS Solutions and Ocean a seamless fit?
Pete Smith, Ocean Software’s CRO, states: “The Ocean-ILIAS partnership presents a unique opportunity to combine two highly complementary software systems which offer a seamless capability across the spectrum of logistics and operations. The integration of Ocean’s FlightPRO® operations management system and ILIAS’s mission driven logistics suite will deliver a seamless user experience, providing customers with a unified operations and logistics solution to maximize fleet performance and operational readiness.”
“Today’s weapon systems are far too expensive to have everyone around it second guessing what the next best action is to squeeze the last drop of availability there is out of them.”, Rob Lambrichs de Bruin, ILIAS Solutions’ APAC BD Manager, adds. “There is a clear COTS way forward: work across functional boundaries with Ocean/ILIAS Mission Driven software and have only one set of truth data to visualize the  information you need to decide on the next best action. Whether your responsibilities are tactical, operational, or strategic in nature, you will see information relevant to only you, but based on the same single source of truth data.”
What are the benefits for military commanders?
Pete continues: “First, our companies focus on Defence. Almost one-third of our staff have seen action, are ex-military, and are vets. We inherently understand your challenges and speak your language. Our visualisation layer provides rapid oversight and decision support in real time. Information that is actionable from command to unit provides choices that enable you to better manage your F-35 fleet, achieve less maintenance downtime on your C-130, or get more operational readiness out of your F/A-18F.”
Rob points out, that secondly, the integration of logistics and operations provides significant synergy, driving more responsive and efficient processes. It will help you to standardise and improve your processes and, since our software is embedded knowledge, will offer you best practices from our worldwide 40,000+ user community. Pete concludes, “Since our mission driven integration does away with traditional whiteboard-planning, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and bespoke development of (interfaces with) databases, valuable time is freed up to apply knowledge, wisdom and innovative thinking instead of swivel chairing between systems.”
Rob emphasises the choice we must grant ourselves access to real time insights and go beyond overnight syncing of databases. “Try paperless line, hangar, and depot-level maintenance, and standby to be impressed by unsurpassed execution control through real-time information exchange, minimised chances of data entry error, reduced risk, and improved accountability across all elements of your organisation.”

About Ocean Software

For 30 years, Ocean Software has helped Defence organisations simplify their complex military operations. Its mission is to help unlock defence workforce potential in real-time to enable better decisions today, to plan for tomorrow and to prepare for the future.

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1993, Ocean now exports its products and services to 15 nations across Europe and the Middle East, the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.  

Ocean’s flagship product, FlightPRO®, has transformed flight training management and operations across the globe, increasing safety and de-risking pilot training through its extensive scheduling and qualifications management engine. Ocean’s portfolio continues to grow with SmartBase® a next generation base management and collaboration platform, and TAMS™, an airspace booking and deconfliction tool that maximises the use of shared assets within congested airspace.

Ocean is a Microsoft Gold Partner and holds ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for Quality processes, procedures, and security. Ocean utilises the NIST Cyber Security Framework, has obtained UK Cyber Essentials certification, and its products are independently security tested. 

About ILIAS Solutions

ILIAS Solutions provides commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, exclusively focused on defence, encompassing over two decades of best practice to ensure low implementation cost, time and risk. The ILIAS defence logistics software platform empowers military operations and defence industry organisations to minimise their logistics footprint while ensuring mission readiness.

ILIAS Solutions supports commanders in doing more with less for military operations and missions. The platform covers the entire armed forces value chain. It aligns operations, training and missions with maintenance, supply and procurement. The ILIAS software platform captures truth data, enables effective execution, and allows military commanders to lead their people and maximise defence capability while managing constraints like budget demands and supply chain challenges.

ILIAS Solutions is ISO 9001 certified.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact:

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ILIAS Solutions:
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