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A proven software development lifecycle

We utilise an agile working methodology and an iterative software development lifecycle to consistently deliver customer and end-user value.

1. Concept

We collaborate with customers to understand their problem and prioritise the key features that the customer would like delivered to solve their problem. Concepts are added to the Product Backlog in conjunction with Product Team. We schedule concepts into regular product releases, with alignment to Release Goals and expected outcomes.

2. Inception

Through Inception, we collaborate with customers to elaborate their features, defining the User Stories for the development squads. At this stage we plan the approach and socialise with the customer to ensure alignment to business objectives.

3. Delivery

Using Agile ways of working, the team works in fortnightly sprints, aiming to deliver value to the customer in the shortest possible increment. At the end of each sprint the team showcases the outputs from the sprint to the customer. This real time feedback allows the team to pivot and adjust quickly as required to ensure customer requirements are met.

4. Release

As features are completed as part of the release, they are deployed to an environment to allow final customer testing. Once customer testing is completed, the features are ready for the customer to deploy to the live system.

5. Production

When testing is successfully completed the features are deployed into the production environment. Within Software Delivery there is a squad dedicated to the ongoing maintenance and support of our product.