FlightPRO® Web provides ‘Readiness’ insight and integrates into a Common Operating Picture (COP) 

Critical information and actionable insights where it is needed. 

Allied Air Forces and base operations globally are adapting to a range of new, rapidly evolving challenges including transnational threats, terrorism, and covert ops such as cyber warfare. Such dynamic threats are driving the need for unprecedented collaboration between operational units and accelerating the need for far greater visibility of force readiness for military leaders. 

In response, FlightPRO® the world’s leading Flight Training and Operations platform is rapidly transitioning from an installed on-premises only application to also encompass a secure web based service that can be used at any time from wherever it is needed. Commanders seeking a ‘Common Operating Picture’ of their fighting capabilities are turning to tools such as FlightPRO® Web to build their situational awareness at all levels of their force across jurisdictions. 

FlightPRO® Web is unlocking powerful reporting capability and investing in customisable, modular dashboard views to surface insights and present actionable knowledge. The article main image illustrates how FlightPRO® is planning to be able to provide critical information and actionable insights where it is needed – using technologies such as augmented reality to bring together disparate data sources into a coherent single view.  

In the image, an authorised base team member walking the F-35 parking bays can see that the F-35 in parking bay 44 is at risk of delaying the training schedule as it is due to fly in 16 minutes but has not been refuelled nor had its safety check. Using the data on hand, FlightPRO® suggests an effective solution to swap the training activity to a mission ready F-35 parked in bay 45 to avoid schedule delay. The team member can collaborate with peers and accept, decline, or edit the suggested fix. The experience is intuitive and information & actionable alternate solutions are presented right where the user needs them. 

Additional to providing unprecedented ‘here and now’ force readiness visibility FlightPRO® Web is establishing a Smart Scheduling capability that will use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine learning to power ‘What if?’ scenarios. Commanders will have the ability to simulate potential threat scenarios and evaluate their force’s ability to respond. Training programs and operational settings can be adjusted accordingly to maximise readiness and optimise force resources to respond to these threats more effectively.  

The FlightPRO® Web platform is being designed to support world standard safety and compliance levels. Leaders will use the secure web platform to closely monitor force utilisation, compliance with training and operational currencies and dependency rules to minimise risk and maximise the life and utility of equipment to deliver maximum force efficiency.  

Contact us now for a demonstration of FlightPRO® Web and a glimpse into the future of AI-led force readiness. 

About Ocean Software 

For 30 years, Ocean Software has helped Defence organisations simplify their complex operations. Our mission is to help unlock workforce potential in real-time to enable better decisions today, plan for tomorrow, and prepare for the future. 

Established in Melbourne, Australia, in 1993, Ocean now exports its products and services to 15 nations across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia Pacific. Our flagship product, FlightPRO®, has transformed flight training management and operations across the globe, increasing safety and de-risking pilot training through its extensive scheduling, currencies, and qualifications management engine. Ocean’s portfolio continues to grow with SmartBase®, a next-generation base management and collaboration platform, and TAMS®, an airspace booking and deconfliction tool that maximises the use of shared assets within congested airspace. 

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