The Core of your Flight Training Operations

FlightPRO® optimises the entire training cycle. Scheduling, competency & safety, reporting and analytics, resource allocation, syllabus and course forward planning are all managed from a single trusted source, enabling both short and long-term planning and execution.

Training Pipeline Management

FlightPRO® supports the training of students and operational personnel. Plan courses, monitor student progress, manage course currencies and report on training activity. Students or operational personnel can access and complete course content, access scheduled programmes and input post flight times/outcomes to update their currencies and qualifications and ensure logbooks are up to date.

Qualifications & Currency Management

FlightPRO® manages the Skills (currency, recency and qualification) data with a powerful user defined rules engine. Administrators can create and manage organisational skills with flexible rules to ensure personnel meet required tasking.

Easily find the right person for any task and ensure the safety of your operations.

Execute on the short term, plan for the long term

FlightPRO® facilitates both short and long-term scheduling. Schedulers can identify available resources, manage mission conflicts, log operations, and monitor operations. FlightPRO® modules also enable course forward planning.

Powerful workflows

User defined workflows are applied and executed in real time, providing visibility to all.

The workflow engine in FlightPRO® can be applied to activities such as student assessments, creating mission profiles and diplomatic clearance approvals.

Become an innovation partner,
create the future of FlightPRO®

What sets us apart from our competition is the degree to which we partner with our customers to create fit-for-purpose solutions.

Take part in our agile partner innovation program and gain access to the latest FlightPRO® modules. Your feedback will help us improve the existing product.