FlightPRO® and SmartBase® deliver a Force Readiness picture into the field

A commander in the field is considering how to respond to a new threat. He is able to access real-time data instantly and securely on the capability of his entire force – across all people and equipment. The commander can access a and drill down to individual bases and see granular data as required.  The commander is also able to access projected future readiness data, which accounts for scheduled activity and uses Machine Learning to define the most likely course of action.


Force readiness – always securely available, from anywhere.

Ocean released its Next Generation for FlightPRO article in November, which outlined seven global trends shaping the future of FlightPRO® and SmartBase®. Two key trends outlined were ‘Advanced connectivity becomes available’ and ‘Data and interactions are everywhere’. Since publication, we continue to see technological advancements responding directly to both these dynamics – notably including Long Range Quantum Key Distribution (KD), which delivers ultra-sensitive, highly encrypted military data at distances over 150km into the field.1

As this innovative capability continues to expand, military commanders are leveraging it to enhance their ability to monitor the health and readiness of their fighting resources in real-time. With the ability to access highly sensitive ‘Operational Readiness’ data from the field and transmit it back to base, leaders are empowered to make more informed decisions, responding more effectively in rapidly changing combat and training scenarios. This new level of situational awareness enables commanders to optimize their resources and ensure that their forces are operating at peak performance.

Deployed naval vessels navigating into regions with little or no secure connectivity are beginning to use these modern technologies to enhance training, aviation safety and maintenance for force readiness at sea. Currently, FlightPRO® is investing in new generation data connection capabilities that allows vessels and other forces deployed to austere environments to accurately synchronise data in real-time with home base. 

Another key capability of our SmartBase® platform is offering the ability to build a comprehensive force readiness map – often referred to as a ‘Common Operating Picture’ (COP). Starting at a single function, unit or base level, the status of people, physical locations, and military assets can be aggregated in a single picture to provide highly granular or holistic service availability status. A comprehensive ‘Operational Readiness’ picture can be built on the Ocean platforms by adding modularly, connecting multiple units, multiple bases, and multiple forces together to give senior commanders an unmatched status view of their entire capability. The COPs are normally a map, ensuring that commanders have a visual representation of their forces and resources.

FlightPRO® and SmartBase® combine rich and intuitive data visualisation and place it in the hands of decision makers – when and wherever they need it. Whether that’s delivered to a rugged, secure tablet in the hands of an Australian soldier in the Middle East, a smartwatch worn by a Commander at RAAF Base Amberley or pushed to displays on the bridge of a Hobart-class destroyer in the North Atlantic, FlightPRO® and SmartBase® are set to become a key pillar in the modern allied force’s training and operations arsenal.

The fourth and final instalment of the Defence Readiness Reimagined series will delve into the transformative capabilities of FlightPRO® in offering unparalleled insight and seamless integration into a Common Operating Picture (COP). By providing critical information and actionable insights exactly where and when they are needed. FlightPRO® revolutionises the way military leaders can make informed decisions and optimize their operational readiness. It represents a ground-breaking advancement in enhancing military readiness and effectiveness in today’s dynamic and complex operational environments.

About Ocean Software

For 30 years, Ocean Software has helped Defence organisations simplify their complex operations. Our mission is to help unlock workforce potential in real-time to enable better decisions today, plan for tomorrow, and prepare for the future.

Established in Melbourne, Australia, in 1993, Ocean now exports its products and services to 15 nations across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.

Our flagship product, FlightPRO®, has transformed flight training management and operations across the globe, increasing safety and de-risking pilot training through its extensive scheduling, currencies, and qualifications management engine. Ocean’s portfolio continues to grow with SmartBase®, a next-generation base management and collaboration platform, and TAMS®, an airspace booking and deconfliction tool that maximises the use of shared assets within congested airspace.

Ocean holds ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for Quality processes, procedures, and security, utilises the NIST Cyber Security Framework, has obtained UK Cyber Essentials certification, and its products are independently security tested.

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