Defining a new phase of growth for the next generation of Military Training & Operations

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For almost 30 years, Ocean Software has been producing class-leading software solutions optimised for military air operations. Its principal product, FlightPRO®, has become the cornerstone training and operations management tool for Defence Forces globally.

At its inception, FlightPRO® created a new market and the product has enjoyed steady growth throughout its life to date. Fully scalable, FlightPRO®’s core strength is best realised when installed at the enterprise level. As a single source of truth, consistency of records can provide ‘recruitment to retirement’ data sets from which any number of reports can be generated to understand and analyse performance data, such as utilisation rates, capability, and readiness.

Through a combination of innovative software developers and experienced former-serving military operators, together in close consultation with its customer base, Ocean developed FlightPRO® into the highly capable operations and training management tool that it is today.

As the 30th year of Ocean Software approaches it is as good a time as any to develop the vision of what FlightPRO® will be for the next generation of Military Training & Operations – mapping the pathway to a new phase of growth.

Shaun Mitchell, CEO of Ocean Software, said “This vision for the next generation of FlightPRO® is both an offensive strategy – boldly defining new capabilities and extending within current clients – whilst also a defensive strategy – protecting against obsolescence, market growth stagnation and the inevitable entry of market competitors. Despite being a long-serving, well-respected software organisation in the Defence sector, we definitely have an exciting start-up vibe.”

7 global trends shaping the next generation of FlightPRO®

Looking into the future and trying to predict how Defence customers might use the next generation of FlightPRO® is a challenging task. To gain a deeper understanding, we have consulted with the leading military, technology, commercial and social thought leaders, and specialists both in Australia and Internationally to identify global Defence trends that will profoundly shape the vision for FlightPRO®.

Throughout this consultation, we recognised seven global trends:

  • Smarter & more accessible artificial intelligence: Machine learning and Artificial intelligence comes to age
  • Immersive technology matures: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality comes of age
  • Global volatility increases: Greater chance of conflict with a wider set of adversaries
  • Military budgets are volatile: Nations trying to do more with less
  • More secure and advanced connectivity becomes available: Faster, more available, and more secure connectivity
  • Energy & environmental factors are the new normal: Peace-time military operations close in on carbon neutral
  • Data & interactions are everywhere: Digital experiences are increasingly untethered

Nick Sayer, Head of Ocean’s User Experience team, said “these seven global trends frame the core challenges that global allied Defence Forces will face over the next 2 decades. These trends help us set the brief to imagine how FlightPRO® will remain indispensable for customers going forward.”

In this example below, ‘Distributed Learning’ is a recurring theme in the FlightPRO® next-generation narratives and is directly responding to 6 of the 7 global trends.

With the upcoming 2023 Avalon Air Show, Ocean will publish a series of informative articles describing the vision for the next generation of FlightPRO®. The first in this series of ‘Defence Readiness Reimagined’ will focus on Looking ahead – Next Generation FlightPRO® Vision: Connected working and ’’smart’ assistance.

About Ocean Software

For almost 30 years, Ocean Software has helped Defence organisations simplify their complex military operations. Its mission is to help unlock defence workforce potential in real-time to enable better decisions today, to plan for tomorrow and to prepare for the future.

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1993, Ocean now exports its products and services to 15 nations across Europe and the Middle East, the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.  

Ocean’s flagship product, FlightPRO®, has transformed flight training management and operations across the globe, increasing safety and de-risking pilot training through its extensive scheduling and qualifications management engine. Ocean’s portfolio continues to grow with SmartBase® a next generation base management and collaboration platform, and TAMS™, an airspace booking and deconfliction tool that maximises the use of shared assets within congested airspace.

Ocean is a Microsoft Gold Partner and holds ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for Quality processes, procedures, and security. Ocean utilises the NIST Cyber Security Framework, has obtained UK Cyber Essentials certification, and its products are independently security tested.