FightPRO® is used by all BELDEF flying units, on all asset types and many non-flying units (such as Air Traffic and Air Defence). It is playing a pivotal role in the operations, skill acquisition, training and tracking of all crews and a large part of the support staff for the BELDEF Air Transport fleet.

FlightPRO® excels at capturing all relevant data in our high-frequency training cycle. It allows all training activity, including classroom events, Full Flight Simulator sessions, and self-study pre-reading assignments to all air sorties to be planned, changed, executed, and reported to the required level of detail.

All data in FlightPRO® can be exported and presented in any template or format, providing management with automated filtered data in the representation of their choosing.

FlightPRO® has truly enabled us to professionally build up our operation in all aspects, reinforcing a fully compliant culture and establishing proper authorization and supervision. During the COVID pandemic, FlightPRO® actually enabled a complete decentralisation of operations by providing a common live picture to all actors, regardless of location.

– Major Stephen Van Der Vorst, Belgian Air Component