FlightPRO 8.7: An All-New View

program viewer

This release, FlightPRO® has received a facelift. You’ll notice changes across the Knowledge Base, Site Administration and Status board, as well as the Programme Viewer, shown above.

This brings the interface in-line with the web version of FlightPRO® and delivers a raft of usability improvements.

Let’s take a look at the Program Viewer. The improvements here allow you to create much more focus.

You can now customise Strip Styles, so that they reflect the information that’s important to you. Click the strip styles button, select the attributes you’d like to see and click apply.

Create a more focused view by selecting Start Time and Hours in View:

start time

The Date Range selection has also been updated make it consistent with Web.

date range

Along with these changes in the Program Viewer, these Ui improvements provide a more consistent approach to viewing, maintaining and editing Knowledge Base Items and now includes access to People View 

And finally, authorised users can edit additional information for a Site without having to access databases in Site Administration 

Play nice with TAMS 

TAMS™ (Task and Area Management System) provides an intuitive and visual way to plan and schedule airspace and base safety assurance.  

From 8.7 TAMS and FlightPRO integrate seamlessly. To learn more about TAMS visit the website and watch the demo. Linking the two separate systems together minimises the need for double data entry, saving time and effort, as well as increasing the overall safety and effectiveness of the base. 

And last, but not least, we’ve also focused on a raft of performance improvements designed to make FlightPRO® faster than ever.  

If you’d like to upgrade to 8.7 or have any questions speak to your FlightPRO® account manager.