Ocean has a significant number of customers outside of Australia using its FlightPro® Training Management system and this week bore witness to a major milestone in the support we provide internationally.

The impact of COVID-19 and its consequent travel restrictions have rendered us unable to get our experts on-site to install or upgrade software. Even when we have our experts in country, civilian contractors are being restricted from accessing military bases.

Now, in partnership with one of Europe’s most progressive air forces, Belgium, we have collaborated to implement our first fully remote upgrade and associated training. The Belgian Air Force have been using a legacy version of FlightPro® for some time and were keen to upgrade earlier this year before the pandemic struck; however, this was not to be, so an alternative plan was hatched.

Thanks to the Belgian staff for having prepared the required environment we were able to hit the ground running. Within the week, all was set up to everyone’s satisfaction ready for the Go-Live on the following Monday, which went really smoothly. Huw Peters, Ocean’s remote Field Service Representative said that, “This was all possible because BELDEF have a very neat remote access system, which has been in place since ‘Day 1’, and a very experienced team of people who were on hand throughout to sort out any technical issues. They were a pleasure to work with.” He went on to say that, “We have very few items left to sort out and are monitoring and dealing with user queries as they come in. All in all a very successful and enjoyable couple of weeks.”

Belgian Air Force representative Wendy Janssens said, “BELDEF is pleased with the smooth migration from V6 to V8.3.1, which was carried out remotely. We are on course thanks to the excellent cooperation between the BELDEF team and the remote Ocean FSR, whose assistance has been invaluable.”

With this milestone completed, we have a proven framework to offer this remote installation option to all of our global customers.